Epic Manufacturing is now part of the ECPC brand family

We’ve streamlined our Epic and Reinco brand product offerings so you can still find great, high-quality equipment through our Easy Lawn and Apex Seeder brands.

Easy Lawn Hydroseeders

Easy Lawn carries a fleet of small to medium-sized jet agitated hydroseeders ideal for residential hydroseeding jobs.

Apex Hydroseeders

The Apex product line includes medium to large-sized hydraulic-powered mechanical agitation hydroseeders that are great for commercial hydroseeding projects.

epic manufacturing brand line up

The History of Epic Manufacturing

Epic Manufacturing first opened in Columbia, MD in the 1980s under the name Pumping Systems, Inc and manufactured a variety of sprayers, like pressure washers, pest control sprayers, and lawn and tree sprayers. Pumping Systems, Inc. later moved to Delaware to explore the emerging lawn seeding and establishment industry, which led to the company manufacturing the jet agitation hydroseeding equipment it’s known for today.

Pioneers in HydroSeeding Equipment

The Largest Manufacturer of Jet Agitation HydroSeeders 

Easy Lawn Is Reinvented 

Easy Lawn was reinvented again in 2010 when a new company called Epic Manufacturing was formed and took over the facility and assets of Easy Lawn, Inc. In 2016, Epic also purchased the PowerMulcher Straw Blower product line from Reinco, Inc. They were focused on innovation, product quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction to get customers the right product for their specific needs and budget.

Parts and service support will remain available for the other brands, but they will no longer be produced. The goal of ECPC is to make sure customers will still receive great products in a variety of ways through the current brands, and with the support of a worldwide leader in the industry.