Epic Advantage #4: Hydraulic Mulch Grinder

Over the years, hydroseeding has become more complex and different than it was in the past which has spurred contractors and landscapers to adjust to the way they use mulch. Before the industry evolved, mulch bales used to be made in such a way that it came apart in flakes, typically presented in a 60 pound bag with two 30 pound chunks. This used to make it easy for the paddles in a hydroseeding machine to break up the mulch. Learn how a hydraulic mulch grinder can make the process much easier!


Epic Advantage #3: Balanced Trailer Design

Getting to the jobsite with your hydromulcher is often a step that is overlooked by other manufacturers - leaving it up to you to figure out how to properly balance all of your equipment on a trailer and then safely haul it to the destination. But the reality of the matter is that you need a way to effectively and efficiently transport hydromulching equipment between your jobsite, water source and headquarters to maximize your workflow.

Epic Advantage #2: All Hydraulic Controls

When you are in the market for landscaping equipment like a hydroseeder or hydromulcher, you have the option of choosing equipment that is powered differently but some operation choices aren't as efficient or cost effective as others. Typically you can pick a machine that is operated by belts and chains, a direct-drive system or a fully hydraulic controlled machine.

But which choice is the best option and value for your money? It's the hydraulic controlled system that can be found on every hydroseeder and hydromulcher made by Epic!