epic-manufacturing_logo Epic Advantage #3: Balanced Trailer Design


Epic Advantage #3: Balanced Trailer Design

Getting to the jobsite with your hydromulcher is often a step that is overlooked by other manufacturers - leaving it up to you to figure out how to properly balance all of your equipment on a trailer and then safely haul it to the destination. But the reality of the matter is that you need a way to effectively and efficiently transport hydromulching equipment between your jobsite, water source and headquarters to maximize your workflow.

This is where Epic stands out and gives you a balanced trailer design to use towards your advantage. Professional contractors and landscapers know all too well of the flaws other trailers have when towing equipment to the worksite and then dealing with the inefficient setup to actually conduct work. Epic has eliminated the frustrating and common flaws found with other trailers and have engineered a trailer that does the work for you with smarter features and designs.

The balanced trailer design went through rigorous and lengthy developmental stages with our team of designers to provide a hydromulcher trailer that tows better than any other machine on the market. This involved enhancements with equipment placement to make the most of the available floor space and weight distribution for a stable and balanced tow. Since all of the functions on Epic's Contractor Series Hydroseeders are hydraulically driven, there is more flexibility in the way equipment is laid out.

With Epic trailers, contactors and landscapers will benefit from the fact that we mount the engine and hydraulic pump in the front to better center the axles – resulting in a balanced tow. With this in mind, the trailer will be consistent and predictable during transportation, whether the tank is empty or full. This Epic Advantage allows you to work smarter, better and faster than before. Not to mention that the trailer-mounted units include our valuable 2-year warranty and are DOT-legal in every state across the country.

Epic has taken vast strides to provide hydromulching equipment that is not only easy to use but even easier to transport. Once you've made the switch to the balanced trailer design, you'll wonder why you've waited to so long to work more efficiently. This commitment to practicality continues to display our passion of providing our customers with the best landscaping and contractor equipment on the market. Our trailer mounted units include the L90, C90, C120, and C170. The L55 also has the option of being mounted on a trailer.