epic-manufacturing_logo Epic Advantage #4: Hydraulic Mulch Grinder

Epic Advantage #4: Hydraulic Mulch Grinder

Over the years, hydroseeding has become more complex and different than it was in the past which has spurred contractors and landscapers to adjust to the way they use mulch. Before the industry evolved, mulch bales used to be made in such a way that it came apart in flakes, typically presented in a 60 pound bag with two 30 pound chunks. This used to make it easy for the paddles in a hydroseeding machine to break up the mulch.

However, manufacturers of mulch developed new ways to save money and cut costs by concocting a different method of engineering the mulch by compacting it into one single brick. They typically are 50 pounds that aren't broken in flakes, making it more difficult to mix which can bind the paddles. With the change, contractors and landscapers need an effective piece of equipment that can easily break up the hydraulic mulch in which Epic's Hydraulic Mulch Grinder was created.

Understanding The Hydraulic Mulch Grinder

grinderIn order to meet the needs of customers, Epic offers a Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder to speed loading and to minimize the work that the paddles must do to get the slurry mixed. The optional grinder is especially effective at mixing BFMs (bondage fiber matrix) and mulches with tackifier mixed in because it features reversible paddles. Other manufacturers of hydromulching equipment don't offer this type of grinder nor will a contractor find one with reversible paddles. The reversible paddles that are featured on Epic's grinder eliminate the chances of them binding which results in effective shredding and mixing to create the slurry.

The Benefits of Our Hydraulic Mulch Grinder

When a contractor or landscaper pairs their hydromulching equipment with the optional Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder, they get a bolt-on solution that streamlines work on the job site. When a contractor loads the machine, it typically requires a fill of 3/4 of water then top off with the mulch but the problem is user error: more water is used than what's recommended. This excess creates mulch that floats above the water. But when the grinder is used, it eliminates the issue of floating mulch because it gets ground before it hits the machine.

Another benefit is that the tank can be dry loaded full of mulch which gives you more storage space. It'll call for easy mixing and allow for you to get more work done. Additionally, when you're working with engineered mulch with tackifiers (glues) and agents, these chemicals will link together or erode. When this happens, the large chunks that are put in the tank will encapsulate and cause problems. When they hit the grinder and are mixed beforehand, it's much more efficient and will mix faster. This also prevents air getting into the slurry where the sprayer can't spray air so the grinder prevents the hassle.

Having the Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder apart of your hydromulching equipment can help your team work more efficiently on the job site. This saves money and time which allows you to work smarter and better than before.