epic-manufacturing_logo Epic Advantage #5: Integral Flush Tank

Epic Advantage #5: Integral Flush Tank

When you're out on the job site and have just finished up your hydroseeding application, the next step in the process is cleaning out the system. Every contractor and landscaper knows the cleaning process is time-consuming and involves quite a few steps to clear the pump and hoses. And if you don't do it fast enough, a clog is highly likely because the longer the fibrous slurry made up of wood fibers, sits in the water, it will swell and if the water drains out of the mulch – there is your clog. 
The cleaning process typically involves filling it with water, spraying slurry on the ground, going back to the water source, spraying out the tank and more…it's just a long procedure. And on top of that, your water source might be miles and miles away, increasing the risk of a clog. Additionally, if the hose is being used to clean out the system, the whole pipe is pumped full of mulch and material which packs up the pipes. That mulch is much more likely to create a clog – making you rush to the water source. However, there is a way to avoid all of this and a way to make the cleaning much faster…that's with Epic's Hydraulic Integral Flush Tank.

What Is The Hydraulic Integral Flush Tank?

flushWhen professional contractors and landscapers choose the Stainless Steel Tank option for their hydroseeders or hydromulchers, they also opt for the Hydraulic Integrated Flush Tank. This flush tank gives you 60 gallons or more of fresh water for flushing the pump and hoses between tank loads. With the system installed, the user operates two valves – one to turn off the mulch valve which blocks the mulch water and another that opens the flush tank valve for the fresh water. From here, the user has 60 gallons (or more, depends on machine size) of clean water to flush out the hoses, turret, and pipes right on the job site.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Integral Flush Tanks

Using the Hydraulic Integral Flush Tank saves you valuable time and cuts out the unnecessary steps you've been dealing with in the past. Once the fresh water has cleaned out and flushed the hoses, pipes and turret, you can continue flushing out the rest of the tank at the water source. But, with this option, you get to utilize more of your material because the last bit left can be sprayed out on the job site, making the whole process more efficient.

Another advantage of the flush tank is that it's integrated into the design of the main tank which doesn’t cause any obstruction. Since it's in the main tank and kept separate, the flush tank is automatically filled with clean water every tank load. Most Epic hydroseeding machines with the flush tank option come with a 60 gallon tank, but the large machines in the series have bigger flush tanks that increase the fresh water capacity.

Due to the fact that the Hydraulic Integral Flush Tank can push out all of the mulch on the job site, it prevents the chance of a clog and eliminates the need to handle the frustrations associated with clogs. This is one of the biggest reasons why over 95% of Epic customers get the flush tank because it works. This innovative system makes the cleaning process much faster and you won't have to ever worry about being close to a water source again! Just like our other products, it's backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty to give owners peace of mind when on the job site.