epic-manufacturing_logo Epic Advantage #6: Pumps The Thickest Slurries

Epic Advantage #6: Pumps The Thickest Slurries

During every job, contractors and landscapers want to perform the best hydroseeding application possible to appease their customers with high-quality results. However, not all hydromulchers are created equal nor do they all produce the same results which can be frustrating if you are trying to pump the thickest slurries and get the most coverage out of every tank. With this in mind, Epic has taken the guesswork out of choosing the right hydromulchers because the entire line of Contractor Series Paddle Agitation HydroMulching Equipment provides you with everything you need to get the most coverage and thickest slurries with the best pumps.


Gear Pump Benefits

Epic utilizes a gear pump on the C90 to the C120 models found on the Contractor Series hydroseeders. This positive displacement pump works under the philosophy of whatever goes in the hose, must go out of the hose because the slurry doesn’t bypass anything internally. This avoidance of internal bypasses give gear pumps an advantage over those with internal bypasses like those found in a centrifugal pump. But the key thing to note is that specific pumps work more efficiently on different sized machines with different spray methods.

In this case relating to the line of C90 to the C120, a centrifugal pump is not used and the reason being is that it can spin all it wants, but if there's too much bypass in the line, nothing will go through the line. So if the viscosity of the slurry is too thick it won't pump out. With a gear pump, anything that gets sucked in will be pumped out and that includes airs which means that if overmixing occurs, it'll still pump regardless. A centrifugal pump will lose prime when it experiences air cavitation and that's when air gets around the propeller – this produces an extra step in the work process because you have to go back to the water source to have it catch prime again.

Additionally, because of the gear pumps' positive displacement, it can pump through a large hose of 750 feet, and some even up to 1600 feet. A centrifugal pump can't push slurry through a long length of hose with typical lengths spanning no more than 300 feet. Also, certain mulches on the market, like cotton mulch, gives the centrifugal pump a hard time compared to the gear pump which will pump anything as well as sprigging (sod pieces).

Centrifugal Pump Benefits

While on the surface it may seem that gear pumps are better than centrifugal pumps, that assumption is incorrect. Like mentioned before, it comes down to the size of the hydromulcher and the way it's used. The larger models under the Contractor Series of hydromulchers, the C170, C330, and C400, all use a unique centrifugal pump designed by Epic. The main reason why a centrifugal pump is used on these larger hydromulching machines is to spray from the turret gun instead of the hose which allows for more slurry flow than a gear pump.

Epic centrifugal pumps use a special vortex pump propeller that spins and creates a vortex that sucks materials in and sprays them out which reduces the potential of air cavitation and clogging. This gives you the benefits of spraying a lot further which is the biggest advantage on the larger models.

Epic pumps give you the thickest slurries, the most efficient and largest coverage per tank and the assurance of getting the job done right the first time.  Check out our equipment line today!