epic-manufacturing_logo Epic Advantage #8: Lowest Maintenance

Epic picEpic Advantage #8: Lowest Maintenance

The greatest benefit of using hydroseeding and hydromulching equipment by Epic is the efficient design. One of the major design parameters of all Epic equipment is to focus on minimizing maintenance, as less maintenance means getting more work done. Spending time having your equipment serviced can cause significant downtime and with Epic equipment, you don't have to worry about that. Check out these innovative design features that make Epic the number one choice for low-maintenance hydroseeding and hydromulching equipment!

Paddle Shaft/Bearing Assembly

When it comes to the paddles on our large hydroseeders and hydromulchers, the paddle shaft/bearing assembly is prone to regular malfunction and failure if it is not properly greased, especially on other manufacturers' equipment where greasing must be performed every eight hours. This creates a risk when employees forget to grease the bearing or do not have the skill to properly lubricate it, which can result in a major mechanical failure. However, with the paddle shaft bearing assembly on Epic equipment, contractors and landscapers don't have to worry about consistent greasing or even leaks.

Epic has an industry-exclusive paddle shaft/bearing assembly design that eliminates shaft seals that are prone to leakage. The bearings are oversized and only require greasing every 250 hours or once a year. We know that your machine needs to be in the field working to make you money, not in the shop getting serviced. Epic equipment never experiences leaks and there is no need to grease daily, weekly or even monthly. Additionally, we use a bearing designed to run at 3500 rpm, but our machines run at 150 rpm to lengthen the life of the part and thus reduce your maintenance costs.

Saving Time & Money

Epic's efficient designs are specifically meant to save you money and time. The stainless steel tanks do not corrode from the slurry mix, which means you don't have to coat the interior or sand blast it. The fully hydraulic controls eliminate the need for chains, belts, and clutches that require replacing when worn. The hydraulic mulch grinder shreds every type of hydraulic mulch, and includes reversible paddles to prevent binding. The integral flush tank gives you fresh water to clean out your hoses, pipes, and turret, which eliminates clogs. You'll be able to take advantage of all these benefits and haul your hydroseeding and hydromulching equipment on a balanced trailer. And to top it all off, the two-year standard warranty comes with every piece of Epic equipment, giving you peace of mind. If you want low maintenance, high dependability, and increased working capability, Epic is the best choice!