epic-manufacturing_logo What Is The Difference Between Vortex and Centrifugal Pumps?

What Is The Difference Between Vortex and Centrifugal Pumps?


Some people believe that centrifugal pumps generate higher discharge pressure and therefore greater spray distance than vortex pumps. While it is true that centrifugal pumps are more efficient than vortex pumps, this perceived issue is easily offset by simply running the vortex pump faster. Also, in hydroseeding and hydromulching applications, the slurry is pumped through a nozzle that further negates the efficiency advantage of the centrifugal pump.

In real world testing, as seen in the video below, the Epic Vortex Slurry Pump sprays much farther than the centrifugal pump on this competitors machine. The video shows both units pumping straight water. The Epic Spray Advantage would be even greater with a thick, fibrous slurry as this is when vortex pumps really shine.

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Vortex Slurry Pumps were designed to pump thick, fibrous slurries without the cavitation and clogging issues that regularly plague centrifugal pumps. Many contractors with centrifugal pumps thin down their slurry below the mulch manufacturers recommended mix ratio to avoid these issues.

Epic HydroMulchers with Vortex Slurry Pumps allow you to mix the slurry at the mix ratios recommended by the mulch manufacturer without the fear of clogging and cavitation. In fact, we can spray these thicker slurries equally well through the hose or the turret gun. There is no need to thin down the slurry for hose applications.

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Another thing to consider is maintenance requirements. A centrifugal pump builds pressure by maintaining a tight tolerance between your impeller and your wear surface. The pump must be regularly adjusted to maintain peak performance. Vortex pumps require no adjustment as they create a vortex within the space between the impeller and the wear surface. The Vortex Slurry Pumps on Epic HydroMulchers require zero greasing or maintenance on the mechanical seal. The bearings in the pump frame require greasing once a year.

If you have had similar issues with your centrifugal pump or if you would like to see a vortex pump in action, please contact us at (800) 638-1769 to set up a demonstration.