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Company History


Epic got its start in Columbia, MD almost forty years ago operating under the name of Pumping Systems.  Pumping Systems, Inc. manufactured a wide variety of sprayers including pressure washers, pest control sprayers, lawn & tree sprayers, and hydrostatic testers.  After almost 20 years in business, Pumping Systems was relocated to Delaware in hopes of reducing overhead to maintain sales volume in a highly competitive market.

Pioneers in HydroSeeding Equipment

Soon after moving to Delaware, Pumping Systems recognized an opportunity in the lawn establishment industry and began manufacturing a line of jet agitation hydroseeding equipment.  Pumping Systems was one of the early pioneers of utilizing hydroseeding technology for smaller residential and commercial lawn establishment jobs.  Prior to these smaller jet agitation hydroseeding machines, hydroseeding was typically used on larger infrastructure development projects such as the construction of interstate highway systems and large-scale surface mine reclamation.  It wasn't long before the manufacturing of hydroseeding equipment became the primary focus of the company, prompting a name change in the early 90's to Easy Lawn, Inc.

The Largest Manufacturer of Jet Agitation HydroSeeders 

Easy Lawn grew to become the largest manufacturer of jet agitation hydroseeding equipment over the course of the next 20 years, prompting several relocations within Delaware to larger facilities to keep up with production demands.  In 2002, Easy Lawn introduced their first hydraulic paddle agitation hydroseeding machines.  These machines combined the best features available from competitive machines and enabled Easy Lawn to maintain lasting relationships with customers as their businesses grew and the demands they put on their hydroseeding equipment changed.  No other manufacturer offered such a complete line of hydroseeding equipment.  With jet agitation machines ranging in size from 100 to 900 gallons and hydraulic paddle agitation machines from 600 to 3300 gallons, Easy Lawn was well positioned to provide exactly the machine that their customers needed.

Easy Lawn Is Reinvented 

In 2010, Easy Lawn was again reinvented.  Easy Lawn, Inc. was closed and a new company, Epic, was formed to continue manufacturing commercial HydroSeeding & HydroMulching Equipment, Lawn & Tree Sprayers, and HydroStatic Testers. With new ownership and management, and an obsessive focus on product quality and customer service, Epic is poised to take the legacy Easy Lawn products to all new levels of performance and easy of use.  


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