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C120 webContractor Series Hydroseeders

Paddle Agitation HydroSeeding Equipment

Select a Model: C90 | C120 | C330HO | C400HO 

Tank Size: 900 to 4000 Gallons
Agitation: Variable Speed, Reversible Paddle Agitation
Material Capability: All Hydraulic Mulches - No Limitations
Typical Uses: HydroSeeding and HydroMulching, Erosion Control, Mine Reclamation, Infrastructure Revegetation, Forest Fire Revegetation
Key Features: All Hydraulic Controls, Forward Engine Design, High Performance Slurry Pumps, Maintenance Free Agitator Shaft Bearing and Seals, Stainless Steel Tanks, Integral Flush Tanks, Hydraulic Mulch Grinders



Landscaper Series HydroseedersL90 web

Jet Agitation HydroSeeding Equipment

Select a Model: L10 | L20 | L30 | L55 | L90

Tank Size: 100 to 900 Gallons
Agitation: High Pressure Jet Agitation
Material Capability: Paper Fiber and Some Paper/Wood Blends
Typical Uses: Residential and Small Commercial Lawn Establishment, Straw Tacking, Watering
Key Features: High Volume & Pressure Pumps, Custom Molded Polyethylene Tanks, Superior Performance Sparge Tube Agitation Design, Bale Buster Top Agitation Jet, Mulch Grinder on L90 Model



TM35X SMPowerMulcher Series Strawblowers

Straw Blowing Equipment

Select a Model: TMJr | TM35 | M90

Capacity: 4 to 20 Tons per Hour
Discharge Distance: 45 to 100 Feet
Material Capability: Standard Rectangular Straw and Hay Bales
Typical Uses: Residential and Small Commercial Lawn Establishment, Site Development, Land Reclamation, Erosion Control
Key Features: Direct Drive via Flexible Drive Coupling, Patented High-Volume Beater Chamber, Self Lubricating Discharge Gun Swivels




Commercial Hydroseeding Equipment


When you choose Epic Manufacturing for your commercial hydroseeding equipment needs, you get the benefit of an experienced hydroseeding manufacturer that’s been providing reliable equipment solutions for nearly 40 years. We’re proud of our role as pioneers in the development of jet agitation hydroseeding equipment – we’re the largest manufacturer of these hydroseeders – as well as our ability to provide the exact machine for landscapers, erosion control professionals and a host of other commercial operations.

We Offer Top-Performing Hydroseeders for Sale and So Much More

As leading hydroseeding manufacturers, you can count on Epic Manufacturing to carry a wide selection of the most innovative commercial hydroseeding and hydromulching equipment that’s for sale on the market. Our Landscaper Series features high-pressure jet agitation equipment with capacities ranging from 100 to 900 gallons that is an excellent choice for small commercial lawn establishments, watering and straw tacking applications. Our Contractor Series consists of larger, more powerful paddle agitation models that are well-suited for heavy-duty hydroseeding and hydromulching tasks, as well as erosion control, mine reclamation and infrastructure and forest fire revegetation.

Epic Manufacturing is also your complete source for superior straw blowing equipment for sale. Our advanced PowerMulcher Series of straw blowing equipment feature a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour and discharge distances ranging from 45-100 feet. You can use these robust, easy-to-operate hydromulchers for various small commercial lawn establishments, erosion control and land reclamation projects.

What Makes Epic Manufacturing Stand Apart From Other Hydroseeding Manufacturers?

While there are other hydroseeding manufacturers from which to choose, they are not able to match what Epic manufacturing has to offer. We have developed an innovative hydraulic control system that makes our equipment much easier to operate than competing models – you’ll find that you can get more work done in less time, which will provide a welcome boost to your company’s bottom line.

Through a more efficient design, we have also been able to eliminate many of the maintenance steps that often lead to exorbitantly high ownership costs. A prime example is our integral flush tank that prevents clogging, which is a major cause of equipment downtime.

Take a Closer Look at Our Current Inventory of Hydroseeders and Strawblowers for Sale

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to something as important to the success of your business as your hydroseeding machinery. Contact the commercial hydroseeding equipment leaders at Epic Manufacturing to learn more about our products or view our inventory today.