BBM200 Big Bale Mulcher

BBM200 nbg sm

The BBM200 Big Bale Mulcher is our most productive Straw Blower.  The large stored bale capacity and its ability to process and discharge large volumes of material make this unit the contractor's ideal choice in high production mulching equipment.  Powered by a 200 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine, the BBM200 will discharge straw up to a distance of 120 feet in still air at a discharge rate of 30 tons per hour.

With a stored bale capacity of 7,200 pounds, material is processed through the BBM200 on a hydraulically driven moving floor and cut to length by two hydraulically powered beater bars with attached flail knives that will also cut bale twine.  A pintle hitch is included to facilitate towing a trailer loaded with extra materials and loading equipment.

The BBM200 is most productive when processing large square bales, however, with a special optional attachment installed is capable of processing round bales.