C120 HydroSeeder - 1,000 Gallon Tank

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The C120 is one of our most versatile hydroseeders with a 1,000-gallon working capacity tank. It can be configured as a skid unit so that it can be trailer mounted to whatever type of transfer vehicle you choose. This makes the C120 the perfect hydroseeder for a gooseneck or straight pull trailer – the gooseneck configuration offers additional top-deck mulch storage capacity for your bigger jobs. What’s more, the C120 is designed to comply with today’s stricter towing regulations.

The C120’s combination of enhanced capacity and remarkable versatility makes it the most popular hydroseeder in our fleet. The larger tank size allows you to take on tasks beyond the scope of typical residential or commercial projects such as pipeline, small infrastructure or development jobs.

Designed for Excellent All-Around Performance

Despite it being slightly larger than our compact C90 model, the C120 is an extremely maneuverable hydroseeder. When you factor in the larger stainless steel slurry tank, the C120 provides the extra coverage you need to get more work done in less time. The advanced hydraulic system provides efficient power to the industry-standard gear pump that can pump a wide variety of mulches at the recommended mix ratios. The 2-inch turret gun delivers superior spraying distance and maximum output. Additionally, the C120 is equipped with an integral 60-gallon freshwater flush tank that will minimize hose clogging.

Advanced Engine Forward Design

Epic's trademark forward mounted engine design is continued in the C120 series. These units are powered by a 49HP Tier IV Kohler diesel and are completely hydraulically driven. This means no troublesome and maintenance intensive clutches, chains, belts, or pulleys are used to drive the agitator, spray pump, or optional mulch grinder. To add to the standard stainless steel slurry and 60 gallon flush tank, popular options include a electric or hydraulic hose reel, and a stainless steel hydraulic mulch grinder. So, if you are looking for a machine with minimal maintenance, maximum performance, and configurable options to meet your needs and budget, our C120 is the machine for you.

Get a quote or contact us for more information about our 1000 gallon hydroseeders for sale and see if Epic's fuel efficient C120 hydroseeder is right for you! Learn more about our other commercial hydroseeders


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