C120 HydroSeeder - 1,000 Gallon Tank

C120_med Pull-Behind Hydroseeder | C120 | Made in the USA | 1000 Gallon TankThe C120 is one of our most versatile HydroMulchers with a 1,000 gallon working capacity tank.  It can be configured as a skid unit so that it can be a trailer mounted hydromulcher to whatever type of transfer vehicle you choose. This makes the C120 the perfect hydroseeder for a gooseneck or straight pull trailer.

Available as Gooseneck or Straight Pull Trailer

As a 1000 gallon hydroseeder, the C120 straight pull trailer can be configured for front loading while standing on the tongue of the trailer, or for top loading with the optional full deck railing. The extra capacity of the C120 means you can cover up to 14,500 ft.2.

The C120, along with the rest of our Contractor Series units, features a modular design so that you can build the machine for the way you intend to use it. With options such as stainless steel tanks, integral flush tanks, hydraulic mulch grinders, electric or hydraulic hose reels, gas or diesel engines, skid or trailer mounting, and many more...how can you go wrong? 

All Hydraulic Systems for Reduced Maintenance and Ease of Use

In addition to all these choices, you can be confident in the fact that your machine has the most advanced hydraulic system on the market providing power to its functions. The C120 features the industry's first load-sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic system. What exactly does that mean to you...it means that your machine has power when you need it and fuel efficiency when you don't. In a word, it's SMART!

Get a quote or contact us for more information about our 1000 gallon hydroseeders for sale and see if Epic Manufacturing's fuel efficient C120 hydroseeder is right for you!