C330HO HydroSeeder - 3,000 Gallon Tank

2077 c330hosil1If you are a contractor in need of hydroseeders for large projects, the revolutionary C330HO Hydroseeder is up to the challenge. Representing the latest technological advancements in hydroseeding/hydromulching equipment engineering and design, this 3,000-gallon hydroseeder is powered by state-of-the-art hydraulics that makes it easy to use for your operators, while also simplifying preventive maintenance tasks.

Engine Forward Design

The C330HO features a reconfigured design that places the engine to the front of the slurry tank. In addition to keeping the engine and sensitive electronic components away from the wet slurry, this also increases operator comfort by reducing engine noise, heat, exhaust fumes, and vibration. There is also a platform located between the cab and the front of the hydroseeding unit and tank that provides easier access to all key service points.

High-Performance Slurry Pumps

Our new 3,000-gallon hydroseeder offers the versatility to pump everything from the thickest slurries to the most challenging mulches with ease, making it compatible for use in a wide variety of applications. When combined with the advanced hydraulics, your operators will be able to complete more work in much less time. By focusing on developing innovative equipment like the C330HO Hydroseeder, it’s easy to see why Epic Manufacturer continues to leave the competition in a cloud of dust.



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