Paddle Agitation Commercial Hydroseeding Equipment

paddle agitation

Your time is money. Your equipment is a big investment. So if you wind up having to spend precious time performing maintenance on your hydroseeding equipment, then it’s no surprise if your bottom line suffers. That’s why at Epic 

Manufacturing, we set out to lead the industry for large hydroseeding equipment design and performance. Our Contractor Series C90, C120, C170HO, C330HO, and C400HO are industrial hydroseeders that do just that. They allow for maximum uptime while eliminating costly maintenance issues, all while providing industry-leading mulch capacity and spray distance.

Benefits of Epic’s Industrial Hydroseeders

When it’s your business to hold your ground through superior hydroseeding, Epic’s Contractor Series equipment has the most sensible cost of ownership solutions on the market today. From our all-hydraulic controls and front engine design to stainless steel tanks and high-performance slurry pumps, your business will benefit directly from the most advanced technological equipment engineered to keep you up and running.

Lowest Maintenance Through Innovative Design

A lot of inferior hydroseeding equipment must locate the engine to directly drive the spray pump at the rear of the machine. Of course, this is also where corrosive slurry collects. 

This type of design leads to frequent breakdowns and costly maintenance issues.

With Epic’s design, you benefit from all-hydraulic controls that provide the flexibility to mount the engine in the forward part of the vehicle. This has the double benefit of keeping the engine slurry-free and easily accessible for servicing while also separating the operator from any excessive exhaust, heat, vibration, and noise produced by the engine.

The all-hydraulic drive system also eliminates belts, pulleys, chains and clutches that can wear out and need adjustment or replacement. The only maintenance required is two visual checks: one of a sight gauge to ensure the correct level of hydraulic fluid and one of a color-coded return filter gauge to check that the filters are operating properly. Plus, there’s increased efficiency, since the need to engage and disengage clutches is replaced by a simple hydraulic control.

Stainless Steel Tanks


The hydroseeding equipment industry typically employs cheaper steel tanks to hold corrosive slurry. This choice of material requires constant upkeep and maintenance for the life of the tank to prevent it from rusting away. Contractors estimate the maintenance costs associated with re-coating a steel tank range between $500 and $750 annually, depending on the tank’s size. This cost doesn’t include time lost due to the equipment being inoperable.

In contrast, Epic offers stainless steel tanks backed by a 15-year anti-corrosion warranty. This material advantage means you completely eliminate all costs and downtime that come from the unavoidable upkeep associated with common steel tanks.

High-Performance Slurry Pumps

The logic is simple enough...if your slurry pump gets clogged or breaks down, you’re not earning money. Our Contractor Series hydroseeders come with vortex slurry pumps that are practically maintenance-free. Their mechanical seals are water-lubricated, so there’s no ne

ed to worry about your grease cup being filled. The only thing that needs greasing are two fittings on their bearings, and they only need greasing once a year!

When it comes to performance, our vortex slurry pump combined with our aggressive paddle agitation is simply unbeatable. Whether it’s viscous slurries, fibrous materials, or air pockets, the vortex pump creates a constant whirlpool in front of the impeller, resulting in a continuous vacuum. The spraying action produced is smooth and avoids clogging.  Achieve industry-leading spray distance without the shortcomings of standard centrifugal pumps.

Standard Two-Year Warranty

2 year warranty2

As superior as our design is, so too is our standard two-year warranty on every piece of equipment we manufacture. Essentially, what you get is a bumper-to-bumper warranty that assures you you’re getting a quality piece of equipment. What’s more, in the rare event your equipment does suffer a mechanical defect, you have the freedom to choose where to go for service. Plus, we make sure your chosen 

service department has all the necessary parts and technical support to get the job done right. Our C90 and C120 Contractor Series Hydroseeders are equipped with a Kubota diesel engine and backed by Epic’s 2-year warranty. With John Deere engines standard in our big tank C170HO, C330HO, and C400HO industrial hydroseeders, it already means you have the choice of over 4,000 expert locations that are fully certified to work on all aspects of your equipment.

To learn more about the most cost-effective, innovative designs in hydroseeding equipment, simply contact us today!