LF120 HydroSeeder - 1,200 Gallon Tank


Epic Manufacturing's LF90 and LF120 have been completely redesigned from the ground up. Our design philosophy has always focused on maximum performance and ease of use with minimal maintenance. The LF Series is the embodiment of this philosophy.

All Hydraulic Controls To Maximize Your Fuel Economy

The Landfill Series feature a completely hydraulically driven design. This means no troublesome chains, belts, pulleys, or clutches are used to drive the agitator or the spray pump. The LF Series also features the industry's first load sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic system. In other words, our hydraulic system is smart...it provides the power needed to run the machine's functions only when the machine asks for it, thus maximizing fuel economy and operational efficiency.

The new lower profile tank design facilitate easier loading of mulch and less operator fatigue. Our agitator assembly has no bushings that require packing or bearings that require regular greasing. The Landfill Series is available in 900 and 1200 gallon tank sizes. These units come mounted on a heavy duty dual axle trailer with full length skid plates. The tongue has been lengthened and reinforced to handle the rigors of Landfill use.

Configurable Options for the LF120

Options include a Stainless Steel Tank, Stainless Steel Flush Tank, Electric or Hydraulic Hose Reel, and Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder. So if you are looking for a machine with minimal maintenance, maximum performance, and configurable options to meet your needs and budgets, our Landfill Series is the machine for you.