LF120 HydroSeeder - 1,200 Gallon Tank


If you’re looking for a versatile, high-capacity hydroseeder for landfill use, the LF120 deserves close consideration. Purpose-built for landfill applications, this modified version of our extremely popular C120 Contractor model  features large flotation-type tires and higher ground clearance for reliable navigation in challenging landfill environments. You can easily tow your LF120 with a wheel loader or bulldozer around your worksite – in addition to landfill spraying, you can use it for revegetation, erosion and dust control, and much more.

The Perfect Choice for ADC Spraying Applications

Do you spread Alternate Daily Cover (ADC) mulch over landfill trash instead of dirt? The C120 offers enhanced ADC spraying capabilities that will have a positive impact on your landfill operation’s bottom line. You’ll be able to apply the spray at a thickness of ¼ inch, instead of a 6-inch dirt cover. This creates additional landfill space that can dramatically increase your revenues over time.

Advanced Hydraulics and Revolutionary Forward-Engine Design

The LF120 is equipped with the most advanced hydraulic system on the market. The hydraulics provide smooth, efficient power for every machine function, including the remarkably efficient standard gear pump that can pump all types of slurries with ease. The cutting-edge forward-engine design allows for placement of the compact, yet surprisingly powerful 44-horsepower Kubota diesel engine in front of the stainless steel slurry tank. This results in a quieter, more comfortable ride for the operator, while also making the hydroseeder much easier to maintain.

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Configurable Options for the LF120

Options include a Stainless Steel Tank, Stainless Steel Flush Tank, Electric or Hydraulic Hose Reel, and Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder. So if you are looking for a machine with minimal maintenance, maximum performance, and configurable options to meet your needs and budgets, our Landfill Series is the machine for you.



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