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Hydroseeding for Dust Control


Dust can pose major health and environmental hazards in construction, public works, agriculture and highway projects. Epic Manufacturing is your one-stop source for technologically advanced hydroseeding equipment that can handle your most demanding dust control applications. We offer safe, affordable, non-toxic dust control solutions tailored to your unique industrial processes.

Our Dust Control Equipment Offers a Better Alternative to Water

If you rely on dust mitigation via a watering system, you’re not getting the best results for your time, money and effort. Our advanced hydroseeding equipment enables you to apply a variety of high-quality dust control and soil stabilization materials that will work well on soil, aggregate and other common surfaces. You can apply a dust control solution that will solidify the ground and increase its load-bearing capacity.

Choosing the Best Dust Control Solution for Your Projects

Selecting the right dust control equipment and materials for your applications requires the careful consideration of several factors such as weather conditions, topography, soil/aggregate composition, drainage and desired growing time when plating vegetation. Epic Manufacturing has the experience, equipment and expertise to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs and budget.

Our Dust Control Equipment Offerings

Our equipment lineup includes the C330HO, a member of our Contractor Series. The C330HO features a Vortex slurry pump and advanced hydraulics that ensure fast, efficient pumping of slurries of varying consistencies. The custom bumper-mounted turret gun includes a joystick-mounted control located inside the truck for quick, efficient, trouble-free application. The spacious 800-gallon tank offers ample slurry storage capacity for your biggest dust control jobs, while eliminating the need for frequent refilling.

Learn more about the many ways in which dust control equipment from Epic Manufacturing can add value to your business operation. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.


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