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Hydroseeding for Landfills


Environmental regulations require the covering of garbage and other landfill contents with a layer of soil to contain waste, minimize the risk of fire and prevent animals from burrowing into the materials. However, soil consumes valuable space that could otherwise hold additional refuse. Consequently, many landfill operators are making the transition to hydroseeding to serve as a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to soil.

What Is Hydroseeding and What Are Its Advantages in Landfill Applications?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydromulching, involves the application of a slurry consisting of water and mulch that is sprayed over the top of the landfill with specialized equipment. The mulch used in landfill applications typically consists of materials such as wood products, recycled paper, flame retardants and various binding agents. The sprayed slurry hardens on top of the landfill contents, forming a protective barrier.

The benefits of hydromulching in landfill applications include:

  • Time savings – Depending on the size of a landfill, it can take several hours to cover the site with dirt. Hydromulching eliminates the need for digging up, hauling and spreading dirt — you can mix the hydromulch quickly and easily and spray it over the top of the landfill from a specially designed truck. The job takes minutes instead of hours.
  • Cost savings – In the landfill business, time is money. The hydromulching process requires fewer man hours than when hauling and spreading soil, which will lower your labor costs and boost your company’s bottom line.
  • Greater landfill capacity – Instead of spreading several inches of soil, you’ll only need to spray a ¼” to ½” layer of hydromulch. This will significantly increase your landfill’s capacity — and your company’s revenues.

The Landfill Series of hydroseeding equipment from Epic Manufacturing can help you maximize your landfill’s performance and lower your operating costs. Contact us for more information and a free quote today.


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