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Hydroseeding is a “wet” planting process that relies on a mixture consisting of slurry and mulch that can deliver exceptional results in various residential and commercial landscaping applications. The slurry is stored in a tank, which is transported to the job site via truck or trailer and is sprayed over the designated land area.

Many professional landscapers are making the transition to hydroseeding from traditional “dry” seeding or sodding due to the many advantages hydroseeding provides:

  • Faster growing time – Hydroseeding results in a faster germination cycle than dry seeding. The first signs of grass growth can occur in as little as 3-5 days, which makes for a happy landscaping client.
  • Attractive appearance – A hydroseeded lawn or landscape is noticeably lusher and greener than a standard dry-seeded area covered with straw mulch.
  • Fewer weeds – The straw typically used to protect a newly seeded area contains a large amount of weed seed — which, of course, fosters weed growth. Hydroseeding mulch is weed seed-free, which eliminates weed growth in the lawn or landscape.
  • Opportunities for customization – Hydroseeding provides greater flexibility than dry seeding — it’s possible to “custom-spray” different seeds in specific areas of the property as needed.
  • Less expensive than sod – While sod is a popular choice for new lawn growth, it is very expensive. Hydroseeding costs 3-5 times less than sodding, which is important for landscaping projects with tight budget constraints.
  • Better soil compatibility – Sod is not always compatible with the soil on which it is planted, and in some instances, sod will not “take” to the soil at all. With hydroseeding, the seedlings are planted and grown directly on the soil, which eliminates compatibility issues.

Epic Manufacturing Offers the Best Landscaping Equipment for Hydroseeding Applications

The advanced Landscaper Series of hydroseeding equipment from Epic Manufacturing can handle any commercial or residential landscaping application. To request a quote, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you fast.

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