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Hydroseeding for Wildfire Suppression 


Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a combination of seed, mulch and nutrients to promote quick germination. This mixture, known as slurry, gets thoroughly mixed inside a tank then sprayed in a uniform layer over the prepared ground. This process makes hydroseeding especially effective for suppressing fires and promoting revegetation after a wildfire. 

Hydroseeding for Wildfire Suppression and Revegetation 

After a wildfire, land can be susceptible to a range of issues, including erosion, runoff and weed invasions from the loss of trees and vegetation. Without the proper slope stability, mudslides can become an issue and potentially create even more damage in the area. 

Once the soil surface is loose, it's important to begin the revegetation process as soon as possible to protect the ground and encourage new growth. Hydroseeding is an effective method for revegetating after wildfires. The slurry that gets sprayed over the ground includes the seeds, nutrients and fertilizer needed to restore the health of the soil and promote growth. These seeds will be moist and protected as they evenly germinate and prepare the damaged ground and environment for use. 

If wildfires are still active, hydroseeding can help treat the areas where the fires are likely to spread. In these areas, the hydroseeder can deliver substances or gels onto the path to stop the spread. These substances can even be sprayed directly onto the fire to help contain it.

Benefits of Hydroseeding for Fire Suppression 

Traditional methods of sowing dry seeds or laying sod can be time-consuming and expensive. Hydroseeding for revegetation after a wildfire is an alternative method that provides several benefits, including:

  • Faster application. With the jet or mechanical paddle agitation system, you can mix the slurry and spray it over the prepared ground in less time than it would take to manually plant seeds or lay sod. 
  • Extensive seed selection. Hyrdoseeders work with everything from grass to groundcovers and wildflower seeds, providing you with plenty of options when you replant after wildfires.
  • More uniform germination. Because hydroseeders create a homogenous slurry and use a uniform spraying system, you can create a layer of seed that will germinate evenly. 
  • Erosion control. Unlike using hay, which can blow away while the seeds are germinating, the slurry features tackifiers to help keep it in place to control erosion.
  • Reduced labor costs. Hydroseeding involves lower material costs compared to traditional seeding or sodding methods. Because the equipment is low-maintenance and designed to be long-lasting, it's a smart investment. 

The Epic Advantage 

For over 50 years, Epic Manufacturing has consistently focused on customer satisfaction, product quality, innovation and continuous improvement. We are passionate about designing and creating products, such as our hydroseeding equipment, that are easy to use yet deliver high-performance capabilities. 

All of our hydroseeding models are built in the United States. They feature quality materials and have specific design characteristics that can help you save time and money while maximizing the amount of work you get done. 

Our hydroseeding equipment's efficient design includes a hydraulic controlled system. This is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. That means you won't need to worry about stopping work to grease and lubricate the parts, saving you time and money on the job.

Our hydroseeders also feature a stainless steel tank that resists corrosion and a hydraulic integrated flush tank. The large size will reduce the number of times you have to refill the tank, allowing you to get more done between tank loads. 

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